What’s left to say about the Skate Banana that hasn’t been said?  and it’s still the second most popular snowboard , only just behind the mighty Burton Custom. The Skate Banana’s combination of Its loose and buttery Banana reverse camber profile and Magne-Traction edges mean that for freestylers who want a fun and forgiving snowboard that performs on an edge too it’s still one of the best snowboards out there.

Board Description:

The Original All Terrain All Conditions Quiver Killing Freestyle Banana/Magne-Traction Series! Banana Tech reverses a snowboard’s “pressure map”. With Banana Tech your weight is shifted from your feet inward to the center of your board where balance is controlled. Some weight is still transferred to the tips and tails and full contact is maintained for control and stability but far less than is the case with tip-to-tail ski camber where the tips and tails are the focus of all weight distribution, making a board catchy and difficult to ride. This “Banana Tech” snowboard specific pressure map makes turns easy to initiate, is catch-free and forgiving, floats incredible in powder, and is unreal for jibbing and poppy freestyle fun. Ride a Banana! Art by Matt French


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