Breckenridge CO probably my favorite place to ride

The Mountain

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 Spread over four mountain peaks, the resort has something for everyone. Novice trails make up 15% of the mountain (nearly 600 acres), and beginners will delight in skiing trails like Four O’Clock, which runs almost from top to bottom (at 3.5 miles long ), it’s the longest run on the mountain).At 64%, or just over 1,500 acres, intermediate and advanced riders have the majority of the mountain to play on. Cruising down Country Boy on Peak 9, Claimjumper or Alpine Alley on Peak 8, or Wirepatch over on Peak 7 is a blast. Those that dream of following a groomer down the hill can take solace in the fact that Breck grooms early and often, ensuring silky-smooth corduroy is in effect whenever the mood strikes.Experts will be downright giddy standing atop Breckenridge, especially on a powder day (and with an average annual snowfall that approaches 25 feet, powder days are plentiful). Riding off the top of the Imperial Express, both Peak 7 Bowl and Horseshoe Bowl are easily accessed and offer heart-pounding pitches, ample opportunity for air, and the wide-open experience that bowls have always offered. Of course, in the name of diversity, not  the experts at Breck seek out the high terrain above the trees. The mountain offers plenty of thrills down low, too!

What about lift lines, you ask?  Breck’s uphill capacity of 40,680 riders per hour means that wait times are manageable (longest we waited was maybe 7 minutes), even during the busiest times.


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