Parks and pipes Meadows mt hood

The parks at Meadows change pretty frequently but here is a look at what is going on up at the mountain right know

Ship yard :  Down bar, jump, 2 boxes, c-rail.

Park Place: Three Jumps

The Zoo: Flat box, flat down box, flat down box, rainbow box, up-flat-down, 3 jumps.

Rose City Slopestyle: Box, ledge, double barrel, flat down box, 2 jumps.

Super Pipe : Under construction

Banked Salom: Five banked turns built and more in the works

Forest Park: Line one: Flat box, flat down box top, down box, brontosaurus. Line two: Up flat rail, up rail, down rail, flat down propane tanks, 2 jumps, picnic table, culvert, A-frame box top, C-box top, C-box top, urban down rail, elephant rail, wall ride.