Oakley Ambush Goggle

For small to medium-sized faces, the Oakley Ambush Goggles give you a balanced and comfortable fit with or without a helmet thanks to articulating O Matter strap clips. Oakley gave the Ambush a dual-vented lens as well as an F2 anti-fog coating to eliminate cloudy build up when you’re cutting turns in moist conditions. Triple-layer, moisture-wicking fleece foam keeps you comfortable until the lifts quit running. so here is me wearing a pair.

me wearing Oakley Ambush googles



The runs are great and there are plenty for all skill levels.  Overall Parks are great. Lifts are quick. Runs are nice. Heathers canyon and Private Reserve are amazing for double black diamonds, Its always powder over there. Trees are awesome! Powder days are amazing! Also You got 200+ acres of night skiing, And its all good terrain. Go here if you like good powder terrain and a good 3 mile run! There’s honestly nothing to dislike about this Resort. Stop being debbie downers ride meadows.

Parks and pipes Meadows mt hood

The parks at Meadows change pretty frequently but here is a look at what is going on up at the mountain right know

Ship yard :  Down bar, jump, 2 boxes, c-rail.

Park Place: Three Jumps

The Zoo: Flat box, flat down box, flat down box, rainbow box, up-flat-down, 3 jumps.

Rose City Slopestyle: Box, ledge, double barrel, flat down box, 2 jumps.

Super Pipe : Under construction

Banked Salom: Five banked turns built and more in the works

Forest Park: Line one: Flat box, flat down box top, down box, brontosaurus. Line two: Up flat rail, up rail, down rail, flat down propane tanks, 2 jumps, picnic table, culvert, A-frame box top, C-box top, C-box top, urban down rail, elephant rail, wall ride.


The Lamar Cruiser is an all-mountain performance snowboard from Lamar’s bronze series. The Cruiser features a versaflex full wood core and edge link sidewall construction. The Cruiser comes in sizes 144, 149, 154, 157, 159 and 163.

The Lamar Cruiser is a good beginner to intermediate board. Advanced riders should probably avoid this board though, as it really lacks edge grip. The board also requires quite a bit of maintenance because the base is not sintered. The board can be found for ~$100 price point on ebay, which makes it a great value for beginners.

Burton Custom

Performance from the backcountry to the backyard, and everywhere in between. The Custom sits on top of the “do it all” heap and always has. With a feel rating that sits smack in the middle of the scale, the Custom is the one board nearly anyone can have a good time on. New sizes this year, so step up. Sintered Base: Holds wax, is durable, and moves right along. Lite Triax: Light weight and torsional stiffness. Carbon I-Beam: Lots of snap; stop using cheater jumps to get on handrails


What’s left to say about the Skate Banana that hasn’t been said?  and it’s still the second most popular snowboard , only just behind the mighty Burton Custom. The Skate Banana’s combination of Its loose and buttery Banana reverse camber profile and Magne-Traction edges mean that for freestylers who want a fun and forgiving snowboard that performs on an edge too it’s still one of the best snowboards out there.

Board Description:

The Original All Terrain All Conditions Quiver Killing Freestyle Banana/Magne-Traction Series! Banana Tech reverses a snowboard’s “pressure map”. With Banana Tech your weight is shifted from your feet inward to the center of your board where balance is controlled. Some weight is still transferred to the tips and tails and full contact is maintained for control and stability but far less than is the case with tip-to-tail ski camber where the tips and tails are the focus of all weight distribution, making a board catchy and difficult to ride. This “Banana Tech” snowboard specific pressure map makes turns easy to initiate, is catch-free and forgiving, floats incredible in powder, and is unreal for jibbing and poppy freestyle fun. Ride a Banana! Art by Matt French

Nike vapen boots

The boots that are being rode in the video below are the best snowboarding boots i have ever rode. the nike Vapen boot comes with a heat reflecting footbed witch keeps all the warmth in and all the cold out for a more enjoyable ride without getting cold toes. They also have locking laces witch keeps your lace as tight as it was when you first put on the boot on your foot. nike also decided to put a heat re-moldible liner witch every time the boot warms up it forms to the foot that is in it. Overall i give this boot a 10 out of 10, I have tryied almost 20 pairs of boots in my life and nothing has come close to the Nike Vapens.